Accepted Worshipers: Any who care for the dead
Area of Control: Death and the Afterlife
Symbol: A single skull
Followers: “Devotion of the End”
Preferred Weapon: Scythe

The Devotions of the Dead do not worship death in the way most others perceive it. They do not welcome it but understand it as the final stage all beings. They do not seek to destroy others or fear the final step. Death is acceptance without resistance but not with open arms. Devotions of the Dead care for bodies once they have died and assist the spirits into the next world.

Devotions of the Dead seek out combats not to participate but to ensure those that fall receive proper burial rights. They are often versed in hundreds of different ceremonies of the different races. It is rumored that attacking any of the Devotion of the Dead is to ensure you Afterlife is eternal torment.

Duties of Priesthood

Death Priests keep the records and maintain the care of those that have passed on. They are able to scry to determine when a particular being will die and are seen as prophets of doom because of this. This is often the opposite and most will travel to locations after death has come to someone to collect the body and take care of the soul. This duty often makes Death Priests void of emotion. No matter what may be happening around them, a Death Priest must take care of those that have fallen, friend of foe, before any other action can be taken.

Death Priests can avoid the effects of any power that would strike them down with a single effect. This does not help them from a power that can simply do enough damage to strike them down but instead affects those power that are built to destroy a target instantly. They also have the ability to avoid a blow that would normally strike them down. This only works when the Death Priest would be taken to 0 Body but does not work on a conscious level of the Priest and does not work every time. Depending on how Ineos feels at the moment will dictate whether or not the power will work.

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