As stated, Humans are the most populous of all the races (especially in Maleos) and are the standard all others are compared. Human are the most diverse of any other race; while each other race tends towards one type of profession or characteristic, Humans have no preference and can easily adapt to any situation or environment. This can create a bit of arrogance but also compassion for others.

Humans are also the most difficult to define within common parameters. About the only common theme is that Humans love to talk, either about themselves or to lead others. This makes them tend towards stronger personalities and relates skills and powers but woe be the opponent who thinks a Human will only talk. In a fight most prefer to have Humans on their side; while a Human may not present as brutal or powerful, they are strong in a fight and will not shy away from confrontation. They also are the only race without a “Lesser” Characteristic. While some may prefer one over another, Humans will remain as balanced as possible in all ways.

Characteristic Preferences
Top Presence
Major Strength, Intelligence
Moderate Constitution, Ego, Comeliness, Recovery, Endurance, Stun
Minor Dexterity, Body, Physical Defense, Energy Defense, Speed, Perception

Common Skills, Perks, and Talents
KS: History (any)
KS: Masters of their Profession (any)
Language (Native): Human
Language (Other): Common
TF: Equines

Additional Abilities
Berserk Strike (Multiple Power Ability) (12pts)
Attack Bonus (Combat Skill Levels: +2 OCV Melee) (10pts) (-½; 7pts)
Lim: Side Effect: Minor (-2 DCV Until End of Turn; Always Occurs; -½)
Damage Bonus (+2 Melee IDC) (10pts) (-1; 5pts)
Lim: Linked: Attack Bonus (Greater Power; -½), Side Effect: Minor (-2 DCV Until End of Turn; Always Occurs; -½)

Combat Prowess (Combat Skills: All Combat (3 Levels)) (24pts) (-1; 12pts)
Lim: 1 Charge (Continuing (1 Minute); -1)

Dazing Strike (Increased Stun Multiplier (+1 STUN×; +¼) up to 2d6 HKA) (8pts) (5pts)
Lim: Only with Bludgeoning Weapons (-½)

Diplomacy(3d6 Succor Aid to Presence) (15pts) (-¼; 12pts)
Lim: 1 Charge (Continuing (1 Hour); -¼)

Kiai Strike (+3 Melee IDC) (15pts) (-1¼; 7pts)
Lim: Extra Time (Full Phase; -½), Any OAF Weapon (-½), Incantations (-¼)

Pacify (8d6 Mental Control) (40pts) (-1¼; 18pts)
Lim: Incantations (speak with individual; -¼), Limited Effect (Only to make target calm down/relax; -1)

Religious Fervor (2d6 Aid) (20pts) (+¼, -1; 13pts)
Adv: Variable Effects (Divine Powers, One at a Time; +¼)
Lim: Gestures (-¼), Incantations (-¼), Requires Skill Roll (Divine Power; -2; -½)

Sense Motive (Detect Intentions) (5pts) (-¼; 4pts)
Lim: Incantations (Speak With Individual; -¼)

Speak with Spirits (Clairsentience) (20pts) (+30pts, -3; 13pts)
Add: Multiple Senses (Sight and Hearing Groups; +10pts), Retrocognition (+20)

Lim: Extra Time (5 Minutes; -1¾), Incantations (Speak with Spirits; -¼), Only Through the Senses of Local Spirits (-¼), Visible (-¼)

Common Disadvantages
Distinctive Feature: Commanding Presence (Easily Concealed, Major Reaction) (10pts)
Psychological Limitation: Arrogant (Common, Strong) (15pts)
Psychological Limitation: Inquisitive (Common, Strong) (15pts)
Reputation: Intolerant (11-) (10pts)

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