The Gods of the Realm

Each Faith has specific powers available to them. These innate abilities are covered in detail after each religion’s class package. Even the Paladin has powers available. These innate abilities seldom need much training, as it is a gift of their worship more than a learned ability. At the worst a ceremony may need to be performed which may take no longer than a few days. Improvements to any of these powers will take time for the character. There will almost always be research done by another than can be used or learned from an official within the church, greatly reducing the required time.

True Gods

Becoming devoted to the beliefs of a True God is a major undertaking. They must become completely and utterly devoted to the beliefs of these Gods. They cannot waver these beliefs in any way, even for a moment of their time. To choose one of these three Class Packages should not be taken lightly – they are a major undertaking and not for the weak of faith. Only the most devoted will be able to sustain these devotions. These are the only Divine Packages that require a power of some kind to be purchased as all who worship these Gods have this ability. Additional powers will also be indicated as with the other faiths.
Dilac God of Balance
Agelea Goddess of Life
Ineos Goddess of Death

Sects of Life and Order

The Sects of Life and Order the gods based upon the Positive Principles. These Gods have only recently begun to regain their power to break through the Darkness that has engulfed the planet. Their power grows steadily every day but may never be truly powerful enough to overthrow the Negative Principles. They all seek to find a replacement for the Principles of Spirituality vacated when Agelea ascended to a True God. As the power that created Secut must have an opposing force, these Deities feel it is only a matter of time before they can locate a balancing power to restore the land.
Eldran God of the Sun
Iardo God of Bravery
Po’lan God of Virtue
Tai’Essa Goddess of Love
Rahelm God of the Family
Leyntkal God of Justice
Okala God of the Hearth
Sijek God of Dreams

Sects of Balance and Indifference

These religions are the strongest that exist within the world today. This is not promoted by these religions, as they do not wish to be in charge of the other warring factions. However, because of the depletion of numbers and power of the Sects of Life and Order and the bickering and infighting between the Sects of Madness and Distortion, the Sect of Balance and Indifference has risen to the height of power. Some say this rise to power was the work of Dilac as a direct result of his denial to assist when the Reign of Malevolence began to destroy the power base of this sect. By the Sect of Balance and Indifference acting against the Sect of Madness and Distortion they were able reduce the power of the Negative Principles and increase their own.
Naresone Goddess of Nature
Asshye God of the Elements
Belemaugh Random Goddess
Athash God of Magic
Iter God of Leadership
Yar’ryn Goddess of Civilizations
Cheumryn God of Craftsmanship
Everu Goddess of Knowledge
Zobezu Goddess of Travelers

Sects of Madness and Distortion

The Sect of Madness and Distortion has been in power over 4,000 years. Until the arrival of the Heroes of the Past and the Champions of the Light, these powers had control over every aspect of the lives upon the World of Zhehon. Since that time, the Sect of Balance and Indifference has been able to usurp their power not because of a confrontation but that the Sect of Madness and Distortion has started to collapse. Bickering between worshipers and the Gods themselves has weakened their grip and allow the Sect of Life and Order to regain power and begin the climb out of the tomb it had once been imprisoned.

These Gods and their worshipers are not letting their loss of power settle quietly. Many wars and hundreds and thousands of lives have been lost for little reason except to show just how much power the Negative Principles still have over the land. It will be impossible for the Negative Principles to lose their edge over the Positive Principles until a replacement for Agelea can be found. The only thing that keeps these powers unified is to stop this from happening.

Secut Goddess of Destruction
Huz God of the Undead
Jom God of the Moons
Kimig God of Deceit
Swiaph Goddess of Domination
Tusete God of Desire
Kinn God of Obedience
Angash God of Fear
Anrothu God of Disorder


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