Character Races

The lands of Maleos, not to mention the entire empire of Zhehon, are made up of a wide variety of intelligent races. Generally, the actions of an individual dictate other’s attitude rather than membership of a race. This is not a universal truth of course, as sometimes a particular race is perceived as “evil” only because most of that race fit the bill. When an outside of the race comes into the area they will be treated no differently.

The different races each have a number of guidelines they need to be followed during character creation. In only a few occurrences are there required Power and Disadvantages that must be selected but otherwise the characters are unrestricted. In both cases these are small and affect little of the character overall.

Each race does list a breakdown of characteristic preferences and common skills and powers. No player is required to follow these suggestions but they are what a typical member of the race selected. Characteristics are broken into five categories. Top Characteristics are where the majority of the points are spent, often spending 15-20% of all points spent on characteristics on these characteristics (usually a single characteristic). Major Characteristics also receive a lot of points, each benefiting from about 10-15% of the overall points spent. Moderate characteristics have a total of 10-15% of the total spent spread among these scores, rather than each getting a base amount. Minor Characteristics will seldom get a boost to their score (any boost purchased will be at best 1-2pts to the score). Lesser Characteristics will never get a boost and may even be reduced. Again note that none of the rules here a player must follow but is a suggestion of the breakdown of the typical member of this race.

As indicated before, every character must choose a race. Every character must take a specific Racial Package. Each race has a set of innate abilities common to the race. These are powers that are readily available for the specific race to take at any time. However, if these abilities are not taken when the character is created, they must be learned just as with any other power or skill. As these are innate abilities of the race, they will have the equivalent of half their Active Points for determining the time required for training. The powers are also indicated at their “base” levels. This is the common level of power for the ability. Lesser effects, as well and stronger levels, can be purchased, applying the standard Advantages and Limitations as noted. Additional limitations, broader effects, and other modifications can be applied. The GM will have final say on these modifications. Regardless of any changes the character can only benefit from he reduced time if they learn the ability from a fellow member of their race.

Each character must choose a race for their character. Unless specifically authorized by the GM, only the races indicated are available. The selected race indicates preferences for characteristics and common powers, skills, and other abilities. None of these are required. Races also include common attitudes to all other Intelligent Races.

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Character Races

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