Character Creation

Specific rules for each game system is detailed below. The Fantasy Hero rules are more detailed but as that game has less defined parameters, more specific definition is needed.


The standard point-based characteristic generation is used for all characters. No class, power, feat, or item is disallowed as long as it is available in the Character Creator software. This may change as the game plays with some equipment, but at this point there are no limitations.

The only limited races of the multitude available are Drow and Duergar. The social stigma of these races is so strong that any found in even the smallest of communities are usually hung without trial. Duergar might be more accepted but neither have much of a positive perception.

Beyond these two races, no other race is hated from the onset. Hobgoblins and Halflings will regularly be seen together (and often friends) all over the lands; race does not determine alignment – a person’s actions define who they are. Again, only the Drow and Duergar are set apart from this due to various alliances during the Death Wars and Reign of Darkness.

Fantasy Hero

Each character consists of 75 Base Points and up to 75 Disadvantage Points. The disadvantages can be of any kind as long as they are approved. Dependence, Susceptibility and Vulnerability are not very common and will require a detailed definition as to why the character has this effect. Dependent NPC may still apply but could be worth more than indicated, depending on the campaign’s final definition. Of all the Disadvantages, no one type can be made of more than 25 points. Any disadvantages chosen beyond this limitation are not worth any additional points.

All characters are subject to the rules for Normal Characteristics Maxima. Should a characteristic be raised above these scores, their cost will be doubled. Adjustment Powers do not have to be subject to these rules unless specifically limited. The maximum possible scores are as follows:

Characteristic Base Maximum
Strength 10 20
Dexterity 10 20
Constitution 10 20
Body 10 20
Intelligence 10 20
Ego 10 20
Presence 10 20
Physical Defense 2 8
Energy Defense 2 8
Speed 2 4
Recovery 4 10
Endurance 20 50
Stun 20 50
Run 6” 10”
Swim 0” 5”
Jump 2” 5”

Characters must also select a race for their character. This defines common ability preferences, skills, and innate powers. No character must follow these suggestions; it simply defines the common aspects of the race. Those who vary quite far from this may be seen as outcasts or pariah if their race. This is more common among the rare races but any could become an outcast.

Once they select a race characters should select a class. This is not required but would also help define skills and powers common to the character’s profession. Characters can certainly claim to be in any class but as those who greatly digress from the typical member, they will often be an outside or at least a second-class member.

Once a character’s race has been chosen, they should decide upon a class. The Character Classes also define a set of common skills, talents, and abilities. No character is required to take a class but nor limited to only one. All characters gain 1 PS skill as an Everyman Skill to further define their character.

Character Creation

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