Power: Discord
Accepted Worshipers: Any who seek to disrupt organizations
Area of Control: Devils, Disorder, Anarchy
Symbol: Eight-Pointed Star
Followers: Society of Vices
Preferred Weapon: Bastard Sword
Nemesis: Po’lan

The Society of Vices is directly opposed to the Society of Virtue. Where members the Society of Virtue meditates and studies, the members Society of Vices seek their own power and increasing it at all costs. They will regularly work together to destroy all who use the Positive Principles. When working against the Positive Principles, they are a well-organized and vicious group, destroying anything that will oppose them. In almost any other time, their disorganization and chaotic nature renders cooperative efforts almost useless.

The Society of Vices does not hide their membership in any way. They will march into a community, brandishing their symbol of Anrothu. Their belief in his protection and their own skill will often be enough to protect them. With the support of the power from the reign of Malevolence, the Society of Vices has gained great power. The fear and domination over others, as well as the one-time defeat of the Positive Principles, gave them strength to remain in power. However, their anarchistic nature has kept this religion from gaining much power.

Duties of Priesthood

Vice Priests seek to disrupt and disorganize organizations and religions of any kind. They have even been known to work against other religions of the Negative Principles simply to disrupt the organization. It is thought that these actions both keep this religion from any definable power and began to collapse the control of the Reign of Malevolence. Whatever has truly happened, the Vice Priests still seek out any organization simply to destroy it.

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